Posted by: Tom Lancaster | March 31, 2010

Lazy post

Episode 3: Praia do Pipa, Brazil

Beard length (Tom): George Best
Skin colour (both): The moon
Location: Praia do Pipa, Brazil

Date: 2nd February 2010.

Pipa has been a very relaxing experience – more touristy and more Westerners. Beaches are lovely and we’ve spotted many dolphins during our long lazing sessions.

Not a huge amount to report, so I’ll keep this short and just let you know that tomorrow we fly from Natal to Goiania en route to the Pantanal (Brazilian wetlands), where we expect to be eaten alive by mosquitoes and/or caimans. If we make it out alive, we’ll send a fuller update in a week or so.

Hope all’s well in Blighty.

Any comments or questions are very welcome. However, bear in mind that we’re travelling around the world for 11 months, with varying standards of internet access, so won’t always be able to respond quickly!

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