I’m Tom and I’m travelling the world with my wife Jane for 11 months, having put our careers on hold. We’re in our early thirties, so we’re disgusted with the many youngsters we’ve met, who make us feel jealous and old!

Enjoy the blog and tell your friends. You can also follow me on Twitter – @theonlygringo.

Jane and Tom @ Perito Moreno



  1. Dear Tom and Jane,

    We discovered your blog on a 6.5 months trip through South America two years ago. To be precise, we were in a bar in El Bolson, desparately trying to find out how to get from there to El Chalten, and your blog was the only source of information that mentioned details about the bus connection. The bus trip was (as you know) horrible, but at least we were prepared and without your blog, we would probably still be sitting in the bar drinking raspberry beer.

    Your blog then soon became a major source of entertainment for us. I was very scared of visiting Quito though because it was “the city where the only gringos got mugged” (luckily this did not happen to us). We have re-read your blog on many trips, most recently on a vacation in Vietnam during the Christmas holdidays (where Ninh Binh became “the town the only gringos went to because they liked the name”).

    I am sure we will meet at some point in time somewhere on the globe (probably queueing for some totally disappointing attraction, you ranting about something or other). If you ever come to Munich, let us know, it would be great to share some travel stories;-)


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