You know you’ve been travelling for 11 months when……..

  • A six hour bus journey is normal
  • You don’t wash your hands all day, let alone before meals
  • You couldn’t name a single member of the Cabinet
  • You can tell the difference between excellent local cuisine and a dodgy street vendor with one sniff
  • You know your passport number and its expiry date (and your travelling companion’s)
  • You have invented a new language – navigatrix, pooshake etc
  • You have banter with customs officials about “the good old days”
  • Clean clothes being returned from the laundry is like Christmas when you’re five years old
  • You’ve not spoken to anyone from your home country in more than 2 months
  • You have no idea who the contestants are on “I’m a Celebrity get me out of here”
  • You can sleep anywhere and a proper bed is like a palace

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