Posted by: Tom Lancaster | September 26, 2009

Food, glorious food!

Here are the best foodstuffs we’ve got down us in the last 8 months. What have you eaten around the world that we should look out for? Which of these have you tried and hated? Add your comments below.

Best things we’ve eaten

  • Feijoida in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: pork, pork, pork and black beans, with a side order of pork scratchings.
  • Carrots in New Zealand: seriously, the produce in NZ is amazingly good!
  • Cao Lau in Hoi An, Vietnam: noodles, beansprouts, croutons, herbs and sliced pork – fabulous.
  • Black pudding in El Bolson, Argentina and Punte del Este, Uruguay: a bit sweet, a bit sloppy, a lot tasty (best eaten off the filthy fingers of the guy doing the BBQ!).
  • All meat in Argentina: it’s true what everyone says, it really is that good.
  • Alpaca steak in Cusco, Peru: unusual, tasty and tender.
  • Pastel de Choclo in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile: chicken and corn baked in the oven and sold by an old dude from a cart in the street.
  • Fish (but not chips) in Taupo, New Zealand: get someone who can cook chips in and it’d be the food of kings.
  • KFC in Lima, Peru: eaten on a hostel room bed whilst watching Manchester United lose in the Champions League and drinking beer – life doesn’t get much better.
  • Pretty much all the food in Tokyo, Japan: especially the sushi at Tsukiji market.
  • Moqueca in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: African influenced stew, made with coconut milk, palm oil and shrimp.
  • Massaman curries in Koh Chang, Thailand: creamy and hearty, for the larger appetite (i.e. mine).
  • Roast salted lamb and potatoes bought from a local woman on a bus from Cusco to Puno in Peru: we’d have settled for a soggy sandwich, but weren’t expecting a feast for a pound.
  • Laap in Vientiane, Laos: spicy minced meat salad.

and some of the disappointments……….

  • Pies in Australia: the Aussies claim they’re marvellous, but I get better at my corner shop in London. Greggs should move to the Antipodes.
  • Empanadas in South America: there must be good ones out there, but I’m afraid they eluded us.
  • Snack food in Brazil: we’d been told it was to die for, it wasn’t. It was greasy, flaccid and tasteless – like a middle-aged American man.
  • Fresh rolls in Vietnam: we eat them a lot at home and they’re better than the real deal. More herbs please.
  • Nattou in Tokyo: not a disappointment really, just pretty rank!

Hope this got your taste-buds going, I’m sure more will follow – let us know below what you think of our choices.



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